Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus® (SA & WA mix)


20kg Value Bag.  Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus® is an all in one product that saves you time and money. With this supplement, you won’t need to add extra salt, toxin binder or prebiotics to your horses feed and it’s suitable for all horses including broodmares, stallions, foals and growing horses all year round, as well as being extremely palatable so even those fussy eaters will love it. Belinda’s SA and WA Custom Mix is for South Australian and Western Australian horses, containing extra copper, calcium, zinc, selenium, magnesium and added boron.  BAM+ contains Elitox® Power-mycotoxin Eliminator with high quality antioxidants & vitamin C, a postbiotic TruEquine (formally Diamond V XPC), which is a horse feed additive made from fermented microorganisms and their components.

BAM+ supplement is suitable for all horses including racehorses and provides your horse with a custom-made vitamin, mineral & salt supplement that is designed to be added to their feed.

    Please note: The images displayed are for illustrative purposes only and may not precisely reflect the actual product. Variations in appearance can result from natural product variations, sourcing and lighting.


    BAM+ may assist in alleviating the following conditions.

    • Hoof Issues
    • Laminitis
    • IBS
    • Mud Fever
    • Rain scald
    • Itchy skin
    • Stringhalt
    • Scouring
    • Sunburn and photosensitivity
    • Ryegrass staggers
    • Balances the diet
    • Promotes a healthy, shiny horse

    What Are the Benefits?

    • Precision feeding:  concentrated vitamins, minerals, salt, prebiotic/postbiotic and toxin binder in one dose. Our supplement contains no junk, no molasses or fillers
    • Cost effective: Our BAM+ Supplement is a far superior and cost-effective means of giving your animal the vital supplements it needs.
    • Quality: You can see the minerals, vitamins and salt in our BAM+ Supplement and is blended correctly and precisely while being scientifically formulated by nutritionists to balance out the diet in the correct ratios.
    • Customised: Belinda’s Amazing Minerals plus have been formulated for your state’s conditions, to help balance the most common soil & pasture deficiencies in your horse’s area.
    • Helps alleviate your horse of mycotoxins: Advanced toxin binder will safely remove harmful toxins from your horse’s gut.
    • Improves nutrient availability and digestibility: Enhanced absorption thanks to the prebiotic/postbiotic improving gut utilisation of all vitamins and minerals.
    • improves gut health: With two great additional ingredients included that help remove toxins and enhance absorption for essential vitamins and minerals.

    Look at the amazing results on BAM+, try it for yourself and see the results!!