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Horses and ponies across South Australia love our chaff, but it’s also ideal for other farm and domestic animals including donkeys, goats, sheep, alpacas, cattle, rabbits and guinea pigs. Our chaff is long-cut and dust-reduced, with quality and consistency that’s second-to-none.

We’ve also developed a blend called Fat Pony: a low sugar option for horses and ponies prone to weight gain, laminitis, cushings and EMS. This specially formulated low sugar, long-cut chaff blend of meadow hay, lucerne hay and barley straw is unique to Lowe Farms.


Grown on the Adelaide Plains, our hay is the highest quality, thanks to good paddock management, no GMOs and no additives or preservatives. Ideal for horses, as well as sheep and cattle, our hay is available in small square bales (bale baron packs – 21 in a pack) or 5’ x 4’ round rolls.


Used for either animal bedding, forage or mulch, our straw is available in small square bales (bale baron packs – 21 in a pack) or 5’ x 4’ round rolls.


Ideal for the keen gardener who wants high quality lucerne or chopped pea straw mulch, available in 50 litre bags.

Straw Bales for Construction

Lowe Farms has been supplying ‘construction grade’ straw bales for over 25 years. We understand what it takes for a straw bale to be used in the construction process to build a home, and regularly work with builders and owner-builders who are working on straw bale projects, which could be in South Australia or interstate. 

WOW, Lowe’s customer service is amazing, such a lovely warm family who have bent over backwards to help me every time, my horses love the feed and do not leave a thing behind, they have my loyalty 100% and my horses look amazing even my oldies, Thank you!

Tanya NoakesLewiston

Producing premium chaff, hay & straw, grown by us on the Adelaide Plains.

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